About us

A British brand with a strong creative spirit

English Eccentrics is a British brand with a strong creative spirit, we are best known for our unique textile designs across clothing and accessories. First established in 1983 we are now back with a limited edition range of exclusive prints from our secret archive.

First designed by Helen David in the 1980s and 1990s we have carefully selected our favourite prints and reintroduced them for everyone to enjoy today. Our three signature prints feature intricate patterns and vibrant colours making them the perfect addition to any look. Whether you are a minimalist adding a splash of colour to your wardrobe, or if you love bold and clashing patterns, our prints meet everyone’s needs.


The Pushkin print features a mix of intricate paisley prints with rose patterns and is based on the palaces and old paintings typically found in St Petersburg, Russia. Named after the famous author, Helen wanted to honour her favourite writer with his own print.


The Gaia print is based on an ancient term which refers to the concept of ‘Mother Earth’. This print was designed to celebrate the planet for both its creative and destructive forces. Within the design you will see that Gaia is made up of shells, leaves and flowers amongst other aspects that reference the natural world. This design stems from Helen’s considerations about becoming a mother herself and female identity.


Our third print is called Tapestry, and is based on the beautiful tapestries made in 18th century France in the town of Aubusson. Unashamedly romantic, the print features flowers, garlands and ribbons. We like to consider this print as a love letter to the original tapestry-makers of centuries ago, who often made these pieces as a family, on a loom in their home.

Our prints are carefully applied to our clothing and accessories by our trusted artisans. We have scoured the globe for the most talented craftsmen who understand and appreciate the delicate intricacies of pattern placement and design.

With creativity and London at our heart, we love colour, print, vibrancy and detail. It’s all of these things, along with our creative spirit that makes us who we are, English Eccentrics.