Helen & Colin David

The founders of English Eccentrics

Helen David is a British artist who founded English Eccentrics in 1983.

Having completed her BA degree in fashion and textiles at Camberwell School of Art and post graduate studies at Central St. Martins, Helen decided to create English Eccentrics.

Emerging from the group of new designers of the mid-1980s Individual Clothes Show, English Eccentrics’s first solo runway show, Arctic, took place in 1985. During this time, Helen managed a small team of designers, including her sister Judy Purbeck, and their friend Claire Angel.

Colin David, Helen’s future husband, joined the company from 1987. Together with devoted and loyal staff they created a much loved brand, resulting in Helen’s designs being represented in over 30 countries.

By the 1990’s English Eccentrics reached popular and critical acclaim in winning the Glamorous Evening Wear category at the British Fashion Awards in 1999. In addition, Helen’s innovative designs became recognised worldwide after being worn by famous fans of the brand including Mick Jagger and Princess Diana among many others.

In the late nineties Helen and Colin decided to focus on other artistic endeavours. Now a days, Helen and her husband, Colin, work as artists from their London studio. They both share an interest in local and global events and culture meaning that they travel widely for their research. They are also actively support in local and international causes, focused in a variety sectors, from arts and education to female human rights.

To find out more about English Eccentrics and our brand heritage, please see our About us page.